Veterans Canteen Service

Established Aug. 7, 1946, and staffing its first locations the following year, Veterans Canteen Service (VCS) has provided merchandise and services as a benefit to Veterans who are hospitalized or domiciled in VA facilities. Our Canteens are whole health spaces for Veterans to connect, relax, share and care for themselves in an environment that is their benefit. We are proud to Serve America’s Veterans and those who provide for their care.

the challenge
In a transformative initiative, we were challenged to embarked on the monumental task of rebranding the iconic 75-year-old logo and brand associated with the VA Hospital Shops, specifically the Veterans Canteen Service. Merging tradition with modernity, we meticulously revitalized the brand’s essence to honor its historical significance while aligning it with everchanging contemporary values while preserving heritage community values. Through extensive market research, creative brainstorming, and collaboration with veterans, customers and stakeholders, we crafted a new visual identity that resonates with the essence of service, patriotism, and community. 

The Service

Brand & Identity

Print & Packaging

Content Creation


—  The Logo Design  —
The reimagined logo, inspired by the nation’s enduring spirit, reflects the organization’s commitment to providing exceptional services to our esteemed veterans. This project stands as a testament to our dedication to preserving heritage while ushering in a vibrant, promising chapter for the Veterans Canteen Service, reinforcing their position as pillars of support for those who have served our nation.

As part of our comprehensive rebranding effort for the Veterans Canteen Service, we embarked on a transformation of the interior branding and signage within VA hospital shops. Rendered in 3d, built from flat blueprints, every detail was meticulously considered to harmonize with the newly redesigned logo, brand identity, and signage. The result is a seamlessly integrated environment that not only reflects the rich history and values of the organization but also provides a welcoming and modern space for veterans and their families to enjoy while receiving the exceptional service they deserve.

—  The Catalog Design  —
In an effort to maintain a consistent brand experience, we meticulously redesigned the Veterans Canteen Service catalog to mirror the new brand identity and visual language. Through a cohesive blend of updated typography, imagery, and color schemes, the catalog now stands as a true reflection of the brand’s ethos, ensuring a seamless and visually captivating experience for its readers while reinforcing the institution’s renewed commitment to serving our veterans.

—  The Marketing Collateral —
We breathed new life into the Veterans Canteen Service’s marketing and advertising assets by infusing them with a fresh visual language derived from the heart of the rebranding effort. To make the workflows seamless, we also became their one-stop shop for photography and video. This revitalization extended across all marketing collateral, from digital campaigns to print materials, ensuring a consistent and compelling representation of the brand.
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