Rawlings Sporting Goods Company, Inc. is an innovative manufacturer and marketer of sporting goods worldwide. Founded in 1887, Rawlings is an authentic global sports brand, trusted by generations of athletes from the sandlot to the pros. Rawlings’ unparalleled quality and expert craftsmanship are the fundamental reasons why more athletes choose Rawlings.

the challenge
We were tasked to design the entire brand and visual identity of this new collection (and others before and after). Not only we did design everything from the logo to the website… we also design the bags, wallets, and other products (but that’s another story).

The Service

Product Design

Brand & Identity

Print & Packaging

Website & Digital


—  The Product Design  —
The American Hand-Crafted Collection captures this essence, with every single person who helped to create each bag, wallet, and portfolio. We were honored to take part in the amazing legacy that is American craftsmanship, helping to preserve the story that isn’t just a singular brand, but the story of us all.

We carefully selected a vintage Rawlings logo from a 1920’s glove found in their archives that showcased the heritage and beauty of this historical brand. The simple Rawlings cursive wordmark was then recreated and embodied with a modern aesthetic and flair. All other following collateral was designed specifically for this collection to not only visually tell a compelling story, but to give the American Hand/Crafted brand a certain nostalgic aura with a luxury feel.

—  The Packaging Design  —
Keeping in line with our uncompromising attention to detail, our team created a rich and intriguing design story to accompany this handsome collection. The graphic language was inspired by days of the past, when design was just as much of a hand craft as it was an art form.

—  The Website Design  —
The website was created to tell the story of Rawlings heritage and the times past of American hand craft and manufacturing. It also acted as an e-commerce portal for eagerly waiting fans of not only baseball, leather, and America… but fans of beautifully hand-crafted goods that’ll last generations.

And did we mention our collection went down the runway at New York fashion Week…

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